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Maasai Night

Arrived to the Maasai, Lyzza Clan of 300 to 400. Here I am greated by the Chief and a few of his sons. He has 8 wives. He is a famous Medicine Man.

The tall one is my host, Saitoti, who will become chief when his father passes. Yep, he’s killed a lion but, it was with a spear and because the lion was killing his cattle.

Between this photo and drinking Ballentines with an elder much later, you will not believe what happens. You’ll have to hear that story (and see the footage if you can stomach it) in person someday.

A night in the boma then a morning watching the women milk the cows then we were on our way.

Soon to leave Tanzania behind. A quick shower and breakfast at the Rift Valley Lodge then the long trip to the airport. I seem to recall First Friday is on this weekend back home.

Posted 386 weeks ago

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