"...traveling became a kind of home for me... Adventure travels moved from inspiration to perspiration on a quest for new horizons, with daily challenges of problem-solving and adaptation, each a journey taking on a shape and structure from beginning to end, and resonating in my life forever after."


My adventure for you!

 I took a shovel, a wad of $100 bills and dug a hole, burying it somewhere in the USA. I wrote the book COWBOY as treasure map so someone clever could find the cash.

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Kazak Family - Gobi Desert Mongolia

 Here I am with a Kazak family that saved my butt. Gobi Desert, Mongolia - 2009.

The 2000 mile mark on

Appalachian Trail

The While I am Here List Update

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro-Aug '15 - DONE
  • New Zealand/ Australia '15/'16

Other Potential Adventures

  • RIDEiculous- ride a scooter 10,000 miles to the "corners" of USA
  • The Flying Saucer Challenge - visit every Flying Saucer- *only 3 to go!!!
  • Paddle across Florida
  • Rickshaw Run - India

"The things that haven't been done before, those are the things to try..." - Edgar Guest

Coming Soon!